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Libbey Glass 23596 Beverage Glass, Nob Hill 11-1/4 Oz

A unique Nob Hill design at the base of the glass adds an extra layer of thickness and stability to the over all presentation ensuring the Libbey 23595 Nob Hill Beverage Glass always stands balanced. A clear resolution makes anything you pour in look fabulous while a capacity of 11.25 ounces makes it easy to entertain any sized crowd. Resistant to chips the rim ensures quality while the shape of the bowl allows for the contents to make their way down and rise back up ensuring that the beverage is even in taste. Once you're done using it, simply put it in the dishwasher to use it again.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Chip-resistant rim
  • Clear Clarity
  • Thick Bottom
  • Nob Hill Design assures balance
Height5 inches
TypeBeverage Glass
Capacity11.25 ounces
Top Diameter2 3/4 inches
Bottom Diameter2 3/4 inches
Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.633   lb
Case Weight: 15.192   lb
Diameter:2.75   in
Libbey 23596 Nob Hill Beverage Glass 11.25 Oz 24/case

Product Id:   664353     Mfg #:   23596
Case Pk:   24

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