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This Nemco Blade Assembly accommodates the Green Onion Slicer. Perfect for slicing salad toppings and garnishes, this razor-sharp blade makes precise 0.5" slices. With excellent durability, these products are meant to withstand the abuse of commercial kitchens and feature cast aluminum and stainless steel for easy maintenance. Please note that the 55750-4 1/2" Easy Onion Slicer is no longer in production. This blade assembly will allow you to extend the life of your current unit in the event of blade damage, misplacement or gradual wear and tear.

Overall Specifications
Case Weight: 0.9   lb
Height:1.875   in
Width:6.5   in
Depth:7   in
Blade Assembly 1/2" For Easy Onion Slicer

Product Id:   663952     Mfg #:   55539-4