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Ardous International STANMA2472Z Zinc Wire Shelving, 24" X 72" Long --  Stock Number 121636

Ardous International STANMA2472Z Zinc Wire Shelving has a secure and strong design that will last alongside with you. The wire shelf is made of zinc that galvanizes all the wires together to create a secure and reliable shelf. In order to optimize cleanliness and visibility the shelf is an open design not allowing for the build up of liquids and trash. Use this shelf in your kitchen, restaurant and more to stock what you need to.

  • Easy visibility and acccesibility
  • Promotes cleanliness with an open design
  • Zinc galvanizes the design securely together
Width24 inches
Length72 inches
TypeZinc wire shelf
Overall Specifications
Weight: 5   lb
Case Weight: 5   lb
Ardous International Stanma2472z Zinc Wire Shelving 24" X 72"

Product Id:   585101     Mfg #:   STANMA2472Z

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