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Keep foods fresh, uncontaminated, refrigerate and stored in the Anchor Packaging D12CX Deli Container. This clear container is perfect for sea food, coleslaw, potato salad, and more! The clear snap on lid (sold separately product number 564263 ) locks tight and keeps moisture inside. This container is microwavable, re usable and recyclable making it both convenient and friendly towards our Earth. A capacity of 12 ounces ensures ample space to put all food in.

  • Clearity allows you to see easily
  • Can be microwaved
  • Reusable
  • Recycable
Height2.54 inches
Diameter4.56 inches
TypeDeli Container
Capacity12 ounces
MaterialPolypropylene Plasic
Overall Specifications
Weight: 1.4   lb
Case Weight: 14   lb
Anchor Packaging D12cx Deli Container 12 Oz 500/case

Product Id:   564259     Mfg #:   D12CX
Case Pk:   10