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Dymon W-90218 Polishing Scrubs, Metal, 18 Pk

Multi-Surface Metal & Fiberglass Polishing SCRUBS' are a patented fast, easy and<br>efficient way to remove tarnish and oxidation without the mess and waste associated<br>withtraditional polishes. This revolutionary product combines a nonscratching<br>abrasive cloth, premoistened and premeasured with low ammonia polishing formula.<br>Contains no harsh abrasives and safe on most metals.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.583   lb
Case Weight: 6.996   lb
Icon Distributing Co. W-90218 Polishing Scrubs, Metal, 18 Pk

Product Id:   561874     Mfg #:   W-90218
Case Pk:   12

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