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Dymon A-33420 Carpet/textile Cleaner "liquid Alive", 20 Oz, Enzyme Digestant, Aerosol

Neutralize tough odors and stains with the Dymon 33420 Liquid Alive Enzyme Digestant! Dymon's cleaning products and cleaners are high quality and designed for commercial and personal use. This heavy duty cleaner is a carpet stain remover and deodorizer containing enzymes that actually digest proteins, organic stains, and soils. This carpet cleaner works great as a pre-spot treatment before shampooing or cleaning carpets. This enzyme cleaner is designed for use on carpet, leather, upholstery, vinyl, synthetics, and textiles. It can remove stains caused by grease, wine, Iodine, Cosmetics, Mildew, Dirt, Protein, Ink, Blood, and oil based stains. The Dymon 33420 Liquid Alive Enzyme Digestant comes in a 20 oz aerosol can.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 1.5   lb
Case Weight: 18   lb
Icon Distributing Co. A-33420 Carpet/textile Cleaner "liquid Ali

Product Id:   561775     Mfg #:   A-33420

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