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Globe 3850P Globe 3850p 12" Slicer Food Meat Automatic Heavy Duty

The Globe 3850P slicer can be just what you need to step up your operation. It is a 13', completely stainless steel, gear driven slicer. In case you didn't know, if you are looking for a heavy duty slicer? Always go with a gear driven; they last longer, they're stronger, and all around a better unit. The 3850P is a two speed, automatic slicer. It can slice up to 40-60 strokes per minute! The 13' PreciseEdge' knife is made of hardened steel alloy, which makes cutting so easy its almost effortless. The ' horsepower, 7 amp motor, and gear driven knife gives the slicer more torque, which allows you to slice through tougher products, i.e., cheese. That's correct, this slicer will slice through cheese. The blade is strong and sharp, but still needs to be maintained regularly; Globe has installed a knife sharpener feature to this slicer. They're signature knife sharpening system is permanently attached,keeps your blade nice, evenly sharp and performing at its best. Another nice features is the touch pad control face. It makes the slicer easier to operate, easier to clean,and kind of even looks cool. This slicer provides 58% more base clearance than earlier models. This makes cleaning the machine so much easier, and food inspectors love it! Other features for the 3850P include a unique dual arm lift lever, power indicator light, no voltage release, and 45 degree angle full gravity feed chute. Oh, and I saved the best for last... Precision slice thickness. Okay folks, Globe has come out with a really neat feature for they're newer slicers; Precision Slice Thickness. Many food service operators don't realize how much food is wasted in their operation. With the 'Gear Slice Thickness Adjustment' you are ensured that you will get the same slice, every time. With other slicers, the adjustment will move just a little with every stroke, varying thickness in your product, which in the long run... wastes your money. Invest in a heavy duty slicer. Please see the features section for more information on all the great features this slicer has. It really is an excellent product that will last, the warranty speaks for itself. Two year parts, one year labor, and get this... 15 years on knife drive gears.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 172   lb
Case Weight: 172   lb
Height:25.2   in
Width:22   in
Depth:26.2   in
12" Slicer Food Meat

Product Id:   558733     Mfg #:   3850P

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