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Globe RG50 Roller Grill, Electric Bench Top, Individual 360 Degree Roller Rotation

Make the best hot dogs in town with the Globe Hot Dog Grill RG50. It has seperate temperature controls for the front and back rollers and is made with individual heating element within each roller. This roller grill has individual 360 degrees roller rotation to ensure that your hot dogs are cooked evenly all around. It is equipped with non slip rubber feet so that your grill will not slide across the counter top while in use. Its nonstick rollers, stainless steel construction, and removable catch tray make it much easier to clean.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 54   lb
Case Weight: 51.9   lb
Height:13.1   in
Width:35.4   in
Depth:20.5   in
Globe Roller Grill Rg50, Electric

Product Id:   558553     Mfg #:   RG50

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