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Gibson Overseas, Inc 69966.03 Cake Pan, 3 Pc, Carbon Steel, Spring Form

These Gibson 69966.03 Carbon Steel ,Springform pans are a type of bakeware that feature sides that can be removed from the base. Springform refers to the construction style of this pan. The base and the sides are separate pieces that are held together when the base is aligned with a groove that rings the bottom of the walls. The pan is then secured by a latch on the exterior of the wall. This tightens the 'belt' that becomes the walls of the pan and secures the base into the groove at the base of the walls.<br>Springform pan is used to bake dishes that cannot be easily inverted for removal from the pan. Some of the most common recipes to call for springform pans are cheesecakes and tortes. The easy removal of the sides from a springform pan lends itself to dishes with delicate bottom layers such as the graham cracker crumb crusts commonly constructed for cheesecakes. Springform pans, however, are also used in the preparation of pizza,quiche, and frozen desserts.<br>

Overall Specifications
Weight: 1   lb
Case Weight: 6   lb
Gibson Overseas, Inc 69966.03 Cake Pan, 3 Pc, Carbon Steel, Spri

Product Id:   558209     Mfg #:   69966.03