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Evergreen Packaging BX8400 Bakery Tray, 1/2 Size 19.5" X 14" X4", White, Disposable, Priced By Ea

This Corrugated Bakery Tray 1/2 SIZE 19.5" X 14" X4" is White and disposable. Perfect for offering cakes, cookies, pies and other baked goods to go. It can accommodate up to a half size standard cake or sheet pan. The corrugated tray is also great for transporting a variety of items to your next event like pastries or breads. PRICED BY EA <br>

Overall Specifications
Weight: 1   lb
Case Weight: 100   lb
Evergreen Packaging Bx8400 Bakery Tray, 1/2 Size 19.5" X 14" X4"

Product Id:   540846     Mfg #:   BX8400
Case Pk:   100