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Emi Yoshi, Inc. REPG9 Parfait Cup, 9oz,plastic, Cl,fits Pgflp Lid 12/20/240

This REPG9 Parfait Cup 9oz Clear Plastic is a delight in any setting. EMI Yoshi offers a versatile collection with many matching items to make your occasion a lovely one. These Cups are ideal for ice cream,moose and a number of delicious desserts or appetizers. The clear plastic allows for the dessert to be seen and appreciated. They are called resposable because they can be reused a number of times if needed and then disposed of, or you can throw them out after just one use. sold by the sleeve.<br>

Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.16   lb
Case Weight: 1.92   lb
Emi Yoshi, Inc. Repg9 Parfait Cup, 9oz,plastic, Cl,fits Pgflp Li

Product Id:   540165     Mfg #:   REPG9
Case Pk:   12