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Dot Foods, Inc. TFS03350 Spice,coconut Milk 96 Oz, Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen Premium Coconut Milk is made from the first pressing of fresh, ripe coconut milk. Prized in Thai cuisine for its delicate flavor, Thai Kitchen Premium Coconut Milk is essential in Thai curries and peanut satay sauce and in many soups, beverages and sweets. Coconut Milk is a delicious addition to your favorite baked or frozen desserts and drinks. This coconut is naturally processed in Thailand without preservatives or chemical additives. Use Thai Kitchen premium coconut milk as an excellent non-dairy substitute in recipes calling for milk or cream. Since Coconut Milk naturally separates and hardens, shake well before opening and stir well before using. Coconut Milk will soften when heated. Refrigerate coconut milk after opening. Get yours from The Kitchen Restaurant Store; we provide the best variety and prices of restaurant supplies and food service equipment worldwide!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 1.21   lb
Case Weight: 7.26   lb
Dot Foods, Inc. Tfs03350 Coconut Milk 96 Oz, Thai Kitchen

Product Id:   538542     Mfg #:   TFS03350