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Dot Foods, Inc. T930606 Extract Vanilla 1 Pt Mccormick

Vanilla is an essential flavor used in cakes, cookies, brownies, puddings, frosting, candy confections, mousse, and flan. Vanilla is a perfect complement to use in sauces, beverages, sweet potatoes, vegetables, baked beans, breads, muffins, french toast, pancakes, and waffles. Imitation Vanilla is such a useful flavoring it adds to every dish. Get your McCormick imitation Vanilla from The Kitchen Restaurant Store; we provide the best variety and prices of restaurant supplies and food service equipment worldwide!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 1.1   lb
Case Weight: 6.6   lb
Dot Foods, Inc. T930606 Extract, Imitation Vanilla 1-pint Mccorm

Product Id:   538533     Mfg #:   T930606