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McCormick Ground Oregano is strongly aromatic with a slightly bitter, pungent flavor. This pungent flavor of oregano is composed of earthy/musty, green, hay, and minty notes. The herb oregano imparts a slightly astringent mouth feel. Its flavor and aroma are similar to marjoram and thyme but is stronger than either. Oregano is not a subtle flavor. Oregano is often used in simple, earthy Mediterranean cooking and is essential for Italian pizza. Mediterranean Oregano is found in much of the Italian cuisine: pizza, spaghetti sauces, and other tomato-based sauces. Oregano goes well with tomatoes and is a natural with any tomato dish. You can get your ground oregano from The Kitchen Restaurant Store; we provide the best variety and prices of restaurant supplies and food service equipment worldwide!<br>

Overall Specifications
Weight: 1   lb
Case Weight: 36   lb
Height:8   in
Width:2.5   in
Depth:3   in
Mccormick, Spice, Ground Oregano, 13oz

Product Id:   538498     Mfg #:   T932466