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This wonderful spice can go really far, adding flavor to so many meals. Easily add garlic flavor to your cooking. Simply use garlic salt in place of plain salt to enhance your meals. Use in gazpacho, vegetable juice, or chicken soup, barbecue, spaghetti, tomato, or curry sauce. Sprinkle garlic salt on hamburgers, steak, chicken, seafood, and pizza. Add this McCormick seasoning to your kitchen. You can get McCormick Garlic Salt from The Kitchen Restaurant Store; we provide the best variety and prices of restaurant equipment worldwide!<br>

Overall Specifications
Weight: 2   lb
Case Weight: 3   lb
Height:8   in
Width:2.5   in
Depth:3   in
Spice,garlic Salt 41.25 Oz, Mccormick

Product Id:   538487     Mfg #:   T900210227