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Davinci Gourmet 00128 Davinci Syrup, Cake Batter, 25.4 Oz.

Davinci Syrups are fun and delicious flavors! Come try our enjoyable Davinci Gourmet cake batter syrup 00128 flavoring. Your customers will go wild with this party flavor the minute it hits their tongue. Mix in a batch of homemade ice cream, your favorite dessert or any hot and cold specialty drink. You and your customers will be day dreaming about this wonderful mix of coffee and dessert syrup! Comes in a 750 ml glass bottle. Easy to use, made with all natural cane sugar.

  • Made in America
  • Enhances the flavor of hot and cold drinks
  • Easy to pour
  • Holds up well under high tempuratures
  • Easy to Store
  • Sweetened with all natural cane sugar
  • Doesn't curdle milk
FlavorCake Batter
Height11.5 inches
Capacity25.4 oz.
Sugar FreeNo
Overall Specifications
Weight: 3.167   lb
Case Weight: 19.002   lb
Davinci Gourmet Classic Cake Batter Syrup 00128 Classic 25.4 Oz Glass Bottle 750ml

Product Id:   536242     Mfg #:   00128

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