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Choice Products GC12536KD Flex Hose Kit, 1 1/4" X 36"

The Flex Hose Kit 1 '' x 36' is specially designed for use in your commercial kitchen. This gas hose complies with all current national building gas codes and standards to safely install your kitchen equipment. It features antimicrobial PVC coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on the gas connector. The kitchen hose is heavy duty, yet flexible and has a tightly woven stainless steel braid that prevents it from stretching as equipment is moved. Among other items, this kit includes a 1 '' x 36' hose, a coiled restraining device with installation mounting hardware, a full port gas ball valve, and a 90 degree street elbow.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 12.5   lb
Case Weight: 12.5   lb
Choice Products Flex Hose Kit Gc12536kd, 1 1/4" X 36"

Product Id:   532995     Mfg #:   GC12536KD