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Brooms & Brushes BQ Grill Brush With Scraper, Round Wire, Long Wood Handle

Clear your char broiler or barbecue grill of residue using The Broiler Queen Scraper! Carbon buildup and charred food residue can ruin the taste of your food, not to mention your grill and this grill brush will clear it up making grill cleaning easy and fast! This grilling tool is ideal for use in deep cast iron grill grates. It has 14 handle attached to a 7 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches wooden block. So keep your broiler and grill maintained and cleaned with The Broiler Queen Scraper.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 1   lb
Case Weight: 64   lb
Brooms & Brushes Bq Broiler Brush/scraper, Long Handle, Round Wi

Product Id:   529511     Mfg #:   BQ