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Boswell Equipment SK800 Heat And Serve Kettle, Elegant Polished Stainless Steel

The Boswell Soup Kettle SK800 is ideal for creating large amounts of soups, stews, and sauces. With its insulated stainless steel pot and temperatures ranging from 150 to 250 F, this soup warmer will ensure that your soup is at the proper temperature and ready to serve all day long. Its indicator light helps you to know when the soup kettle is at the right temperature Its stainless steel removable pot makes cleaning very easy.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 10   lb
Case Weight: 1   lb
Height:14.25   in
Width:13.75   in
Soup Kettle, Stainless Steel, 10.5 Qts., Boswell Equipment Sk800

Product Id:   529306     Mfg #:   SK800