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Strain liquid from fruits and vegetables with this Winco CCS10C Coarse Stainless Steel China Cap Strainer. This colander has a long handle and a pan rim hook that allows you to sit the strainer right on the bowl or pan while fluid is draining off. This course mesh strainer is made entirely of a high gloss finished stainless steel for long life. Although hand washing is preferable this strainer is dishwasher safe.

  • Pan rim hook
  • Coarse Mesh Material
  • Dishwasher Safe
Length10 inches
TypeCap Strainer
MaterialStainless Steel
Overall Specifications
Weight: 1.48   lb
Case Weight: 17.76   lb
Winco Ccs10c Coarse Stainless Steel China Cap Strainer 10" 12/case

Product Id:   515248     Mfg #:   CCS-10C
Case Pk:   12

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