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Winco ICD-40 Ice Cream Disher, Size 40, Plastic Handle, Stainless Steel, Purple, Nsf (12 Each Per Inner Case, 36 Each Per Master Case)

A rainbow of flavors stacked on top of an ice cream cone comes to mind with this ice cream disher. Delight your customers with ice-cream presentations that exceed their imagination! This ICD 40 stainless steel ice cream scooper made by Winco curls your ice cream as you run the scooper along the top of the cream then just press the lever and the ice cream ball drops out of the scooper. Pile multiple colors and flavors high on your customers bananas splits, pies, and ice cream cones and garnish their frozen dessert with candies, nuts, caramel, fruits, and more! Find this self defrosting ice cream scooper at The Kitchen Restaurant Store and browse the world's greatest selection of restaurant supplies and food service equipment available online today!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.3   lb
Case Weight: 10.8   lb
Winco Stainless Icd-40 Purple Ice Cream Disher, Plastic Handle

Product Id:   514716     Mfg #:   ICD-40

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