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Vollrath 15062 Redco® Instacut™ 3.5 Replacement Blade Assembly, For 1/4" Dicer, Nsf

Blades like anything else become dull over time making it harder and slower to mass produce the food you need chopped and diced. The Vollrath InstaCut Dicer Replacement Blade Assembly 15062 provides you with replacement blades that can quickly dice, wedge or core foods such as onions, celery, potatoes or tomatoes to name a few. With a pop-in pop-out blade assembly changing cuts is fast and convenient. The blades were produced using thermoset so that time doesn't bend nor corrode the blade producing evenly cut foods. Don't let dull blades rule your kitchen, instead cut with ease and speed.

  • NSF Certified
  • 3 differant cuts provided
  • Pop-in/pop-out blade assembly
  • Even cuts
  • Thermoset Blades
  • Use for a variety of foods
Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.54   lb
Case Weight: 0.54   lb
Vollrath 15062 Instacut Dicer Replacement Blade Assembly 1/4 Inch Dicer

Product Id:   504884     Mfg #:   15062

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