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Vollrath PM4806-2 Plate Crate® Dishwasher Rack, 5" To 6" Dia., 2 Extenders With Wire Dividers, Maximum Plate 3/4"h, Capacity 48 Plates, Co-polymer Plastic, Snap Fit Extenders, Stackable, Open Profile, Replacement Dividers #92221, Nsf, Usa Made, Must Specify Color

This Vollrath PM4806-2 Plate Crate Dishwasher Rack is 5" x 6" dia., 2 extenders w/wire dividers, max. plate 3/4"H, cap. 48 plates, co-polymer plastic, snap fit, stackable, open profile, replacement dividers<br>

Overall Specifications
Weight: 20.8   lb
Case Weight: 41.6   lb
Vollrath Company, Inc. Pm4806-2 Dishwasher Rack Plate Crate 5" X

Product Id:   504054     Mfg #:   PM4806-2
Case Pk:   2

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