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Victorinox Swiss Army 40298 Turner, 3" X 7", Walnut Handle, With Hang Tag Affixed

The FOR40298 kitchen turner is ideal for any kitchen or restaurant. The spatula is a crucial part of tools used in the kitchen. From flipping mouth-watering burgers to frosting decadent cakes, the stainless steel turner has proven to be a highly versatile tool. The turner features a brown walnut handle to match virtually any kitchen decor. These spatulas and cooking utensils also have a high carbon stainless steel head that is angled to allow for easy turning and flipping on grills and broilers. The FOR40298 turners are sure to help you with many jobs in the kitchen.

Victorinox / Forschner 40298 Solid Turner, 3" X 7", Stainless St

Product Id:   489156     Mfg #:   40298