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Update International STP-RC Roll Cover For Steam Table, Full Size

Update International STPRC protects the food in your steam tables. These pan covers will help keep food at its optimal temperature, extending hold times and the quality of the food. The roll covers allow you to fit more food in your steam tables, which are perfect for use at buffets, cafes, and banquets. This pan cover is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel and has locking stainless steel screws to adjust position. This stainless steel cover fits full-size hot table pans. A handles allows for easy maneuvering and safe adjusting.

  • Keeps food fresher longer
  • Keeps food at optimal food temeprature
  • Use this for buffets, cafes and banquets
  • Adjustable locking screws
SizeFull Size
Height11.875 inches
Length13.625 inches
TypeRoll cover for steam table
MaterialStainless Steel
Overall Specifications
Weight: 10.2   lb
Case Weight: 40.8   lb
Update International Stprc Roll Cover For Steam Tables 4/case

Product Id:   486415     Mfg #:   STP-RC
Case Pk:   4

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