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Thunder Group SLSPA002 Stainless Steel Shovel is a must in any grilling kitchen. This stainless steel shovel gives the chef a long reach with a wooden handle to remain cool while getting into those hard to reach grill spots. Its wide shovel makes scoping food and cleaning it off again easy. Best used for those grill top cooking and plating casseroles and grill top items.

  • Wooden handle doesn't retain heat
  • Wide Surface
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long Reach
TypeAsian Style
MaterialWooden Handle with Stainless Steel Shovel
Overall Length17.75 inches
Spatula Blade4 inches
Overall Specifications
Weight: 1.76   lb
Case Weight: 44   lb
Thunder Group Slspa002 Shovel Stainless Steel 17"

Product Id:   479188     Mfg #:   SLSPA002

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