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Thunder Group SLSBA112 Basting Spoon, 11" L, Slotted, Flat Handle, Hanging Hole, Stainless Steel

These Thunder Group 9SLSBA112) Stainless Steel Serving Spoons are valuable multi-taskers in any kitchen! When you need a utensil for cooking, basting, or serving, check out these Stainless Steel Serving Spoons. All of the spoons from this line have a built in notch to keep the spoon from slipping into the pot. Designed for heavy use.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 24.97   lb
Case Weight: 299.64   lb
Height:11   in
Thunder Group Slsba112 Basting Spoons Stainless Steel Handle 11"

Product Id:   479106     Mfg #:   SLSBA112

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