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Thunder Group SLLA001 Vegetable Spoon, Angled, Concaved, Plastic Handle, Stainless Steel

This SLLA001 Red Handled Vegetable Spoon is Concave Angled, Stainless Steel with a Light Plastic Handle and is always one of those things you cant have too many of in the kitchen. From sauces and juices to vegetables, mashed potatoes,yams ect. You will love the bright red color, easy to keep track of no matter where you put it in the kitchen. Its light weight plastic makes it easy to use and Easy to clean and care for.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 47.18   lb
Case Weight: 566.16   lb
Thunder Group Slla001 Vegetable Spoon S/s Concave Angled Light P

Product Id:   478912     Mfg #:   SLLA001

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