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Thunder Group SLCB010F Culinary Basket, 10" Dia., Fine Mesh, Round, Welded Handle, Heavy Nickel Plated

This 10" ROUND 3"DEEP Nickel Plated Round Mesh Culinary Basket (SLCB010F) is brought to you by Thunder Group. Some restaurants may do a little deep frying, but not enough to actually invest in a deep fryer. This sturdy basket is a great solution if you need to do some deep frying on the stove top. It will easily fit items such as fish, fries, or cheese sticks. This is a terrific addition to any kitchen.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 1.11   lb
Case Weight: 39.96   lb
Width:10   in
Thunder Group Slcb010f Mesh Round 10"w 3"d. Heavy Nickel-plated

Product Id:   478746     Mfg #:   SLCB010F

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