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Thunder Group PLFTD395 Paper Towel Dispenser, Multi-fold, Wall-mount, Key Lock, Plastic

TNDPLFTD395 Every quality establishment should make a great impression on the guests, and a tidy, well-equipped restroom is an absolute necessity. This paper towel dispenser will ensure that unused towels will stay clean and dry, it is a great addition to any public restroom! This dispenser has a transparent full-swing replaceable cover to provide easy viewing of paper. It comes complete with lock and key. <br>

Overall Specifications
Weight: 3.6   lb
Case Weight: 36   lb
Height:14.25   in
Width:11.5   in
Depth:4.25   in
Thunder Group Plftd395 Paper Towel Dispenser. Transparent. 11 X

Product Id:   478405     Mfg #:   PLFTD395

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