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The Thunder Group ALWDPP3012 30" Pizza Peel is designed for heavy use in busy commercial kitchens in pizza shops, restaurants, bars and catering companies. This aluminum pizza peel, with a sturdy 25" overall length is long-lasting, reliable, and built to endure heavy usage. The rectangular aluminum blade measures 12" x 14", enabling the safe insertion and removal of hot pizzas on a on-going basis.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Very Durable
  • Long Sturdy Handle Prevents Oven Burns
Handle Length30 inches
Length14 inches
Width12 inches
Handle MaterialWood
TypePizza Peel
Overall Specifications
Weight: 31.9   lb
Case Weight: 382.8   lb
Thunder Group Alwdpp3012 Aluminum Pizza Peel 30" Wood Handle

Product Id:   477675     Mfg #:   ALWDPP3012

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