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The Thunder Group ALST001 Aluminum Steamer Set comes equipped with 4 parts: the bottom, two middle perforated stacks, and a lid. Handles are built in the sides of all compartments for easy use and safe handling while hot. The set efficiently steams vegetables and other ingredients making it perfect for fat-free diets. Using the steamer, food retains its essential properties and will have a cleaner flavor. 1/16" Perforations.

  • Stackable
  • Easy to Clean
  • 4 Parts
  • Handles for Easy Handling
  • 1/16 inch Perforations
  • Cooks Food Without Needing Oils or Fats
Height12.5 inches
Diameter11.38 inches
TypeSteamer Set
Gauge13 Gauge
Overall Specifications
Weight: 2.43   lb
Case Weight: 2.43   lb
Thunder Group Alst001 Aluminum Steamer Set 11 3/8"

Product Id:   477650     Mfg #:   ALST001

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