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Thunder Group 45-4 Soup/rice Bowl, 9 Oz.,  4-3/4" X 2-1/4", Decorative Exterior, Wood Carved With Clear Finish

This 4-3/4" Wood Miso & Rice Bowl (45-4) is presented to you by Thunder Group. Every restaurant owner knows the importance of giving the customer a great experience. It's always nice in theme-based establishments that the tableware reflect the menu items. This line of miso and rice bowls from Thunder Group is the perfect addition for your Asian-themed restaurant. These bowls are not only attractive, but they are professional grade and durable, with a clear finish for protection.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 2.75   lb
Case Weight: 33   lb
Thunder Group 45-4 Wood Miso & Rice Bowl 9 Oz

Product Id:   477152     Mfg #:   45-4
Case Pk:   12

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