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Tuxton China ALH-180 Platter, 18" X 13", Oval, Wide Rim, Rolled Edge, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe, Oven Proof, Fully Vitrified, Ceramic, Alaska, Porcelain White

Keep your customers coming back for more with Tuxton fine china. The addition of chinaware to any size establishment always brings extra fun and style to the table. Tuxtons ALH-160 Alaska series porcelain china platter is exactly what you are looking for. With a stylish sleek design, your customers are going to be overly satisfied when they are served their favorite dish on one of these beautiful china platters. Since it's inception, Tuxton has become a leading exporter of quality porcelain dinnerware products to the foodservice industry. All Tuxton China are microwave safe, oven proof, fully vitrified and dishwasher safe!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 27.1   lb
Case Weight: 108.4   lb
Width:18   in
Depth:13   in
Tuxton China Alh-180 Platter Oval 18" Wide Rim Roll Edge Alaska

Product Id:   472225     Mfg #:   ALH-180

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