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Apw Wyott HR-20 Roller Grill, Chrome Surface Rollers, Infinite Controls, Approximately 340 Frank Capacity Per Hour

Grill up the best hot dogs with the APW Wyott Hot Dog Grill HR-20. It can grill up to 340 hot dogs per hour! This roller grill is constructed of stainless steel for maximum durability. It heats up in just under 10 minutes and can grill a hot dog in less than 4! Its raised chrome rollers and removable grease pan make cleaning much simpler. This easy to operate grill is made to be used in a clerk served or self-serve setting.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 35   lb
Case Weight: 35   lb
Apw Wyott Roller Grill Hr-20, Chrome Surface

Product Id:   46380     Mfg #:   HR-20

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