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Scotsman N0622W1 Prodigy Water Condenser Ice Maker has a durable stainless steel exterior with a water condenser that uses less energy and water than most other ice maker when producing nugget ice. The internal parts are all lined with antimicrobial guard that minimizes unwanted bacteria immediately upon contact while a self-wash system can be activated saving you the manual labor of washing it. Leave the guess work out with the Auto Alert indicator that uses L.E.D. lights to communicate with you when it needs serving and washing. Servicing can be time consuming, which is why to speed up the process the front panel easily comes off and self aligns when putting it back on. In order to get unit specific information such as the manual and warranty history a QR Code was placed on the Auto Alert system for convenience while servicing the ice maker. This ice maker guarantees quality ice your patrons will approve of. This ice maker is compatible with Scotsman Ice Bins: B322S, B530P, B530S, ID150, ID200 and ID250.

  • Auto Alert indicator lights for better visibility
  • Connect to service information and maual with the unit specific QR code on Auto Alert system
  • Front panel is self aligning
  • Antimicrobial protection automatically reduces germs and microbes during use
  • Stainless steel exterior is durable with a polished look
  • CE, ISO, UL AND Energy Star Qualified
Production Capacity600 pounds
MaterialStainless steel
TypeWater condenser ice maker
Ice TypeNugget
Warranty3 years parts and labor on all components. 5 years parts on the compressor.
Condenser UnitWater
Voltage115 volts
Hertz60 Hertz
PhasePhase 1 Motor
Circuit Wires2 circuit wires
Energy Consumption4.4 kWh per 100 pounds
Water Consumption12 gallons for every 100 pounds of ice
Refrigerant TypeR-404A
BTU Per Hour7,100 BTU
Water Temperature40°F (4.4°C) - 100°F (38°C)
Water Pressure20 PSIG (1.4 bar) - 80 PSIG (5.5 bar)
Overall Specifications
Weight: 172   lb
Case Weight: 172   lb
Height:23   in
Width:22.9   in
Depth:24   in
Scotsman N0622w1 Prodigy Water Condenser Ice Maker 600 Lb. 22.9" X 23"

Product Id:   454794     Mfg #:   N0622W-1