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Scotsman F0522A-1 Prodigy Ice Maker, Flake Style, Scotsman F0522a-1

The Scotsman Prodigy Ice Maker F0522A1 can make up to 500 pounds of flaked ice daily. With a durable and smooth stainless steel exterior it's sure to upgrade the appearance your cooking area. Notice the air filter is at the front of the ice maker in order to use the space around it more efficiently.When the air filter does need to be cleaned, simply run it through the dishwasher and re use. The front panel can easily be taken off for access to the main parts in case servicing is ever needed and is also self aligning assuring an easier time placing it back on. A QR Code was provided on the Auto Alert panel allowing you to access the manual and warranty history whenever. The Auto Alert panel notifies you when it is time to either service and/or clean the ice maker always keeping you in the loop on its current status. In order to keep things clean in between the automated self-cleaning systems which you can activate at the push of a button, an antimicrobial protection that surrounds the main parts keeps algae and microbes to a minimum. Use this ice maker with compatible Scotsman B530S and B842S Ice Bins. The ice maker is shown with compatible Scotsman B530S Ice Bin.

  • Antimicrobial protection for every cycle
  • Auto Alert indicator lights for better visibility
  • NSF, CE, and ISO Certified
  • Front panel self aligns
  • Comes with a QR Code for easy access to the manuals and warranty history
  • Air filter is located at the front
  • Air filter is dishwasher safe and reusable
TypeFlake Ice Maker
MaterialStainless steel
Voltage115 volts
Hertz60 Hertz
Refrigerant TypeR-404A
Air Temperature50°F (10°C) - 100°F (38°C)
Production Capacity500 pounds
BTU Per Hour5,000 BTU
Circuit Wires2 circuit wires
Energy Consumption6.1 kWh for every 100 pounds
Water Consumption12 gallons for every 100 pounds of ice
PhasePhase 1 Motor
Ice TypeFlaked
Overall Specifications
Weight: 173   lb
Case Weight: 173   lb
Height:23   in
Width:22.9   in
Depth:24   in
Scotsman F0522a1 Prodigy Plus Flake Ice Maker 500 Lb. 22.9" X 23"

Product Id:   454757     Mfg #:   F0522A-1


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