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Star Mfg. 8A-50SC-120V Roller Grill, Infinite Controls, Capacity 50 Hot Dogs, Super Turn Rollers

Make the best hot dogs in town with the Star Manufacturer Hot dog Roller Grill 50SC. This roller grill has a heating cycle that will cook the food for your chosen amount of time and will return to hold setting. A timer that can be heard across the room will then go off, alerting you that your product is ready to serve. Its slim-line design provides more grill surface and enables you to have 50 hot dogs grilling at one time. To make it easier to clean this grill is constructed with stainless steel and has non-stick coated rollers.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 69   lb
Case Weight: 69   lb
Height:12.5   in
Width:35.75   in
Depth:20.63   in
Star Manufacturing Roller Grill 50sc, Infinite Control, 50 Hot Dog Capacity

Product Id:   446557     Mfg #:   8A-50SC-120V