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Your ice scoop holder makes direct contact with the ice meaning its sanitation is important. The San Jamar SI2000 Saf-T-Ice Scoop Holder is a prime choice to keep your ice scooper sanitary. This scooper holder has a hinged self-closing lid. A crowned bottom where the middle part raises above the sides helps the water from the scooper drain and keep the actual scooper dry. The holder can hold ice scoopers up to 86 ounces (5.375 pounds) . With the ability to be mounted anywhere, it is up to you where it fits your needs best.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Helps keep ice scooper sanitary
  • Raised crown section dries scooper faster
  • One handed access to ice scooper due to self closing door
TypeScoop holder
Overall Specifications
Weight: 2   lb
Case Weight: 12   lb
San Jamar Si2000 Saf-t-ice Scoop Holder 6/case

Product Id:   426764     Mfg #:   SI2000
Case Pk:   6