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Opening up an oyster takes a special kind of knife. Mundial W567323/4 Oyster Knife was created just for this reason and sports a high carbon blade that resists stains. The handle is a molded polypropylene that has been sanitized with antimicrobial protection in order to keep food sanitation practices in check. With a color coded white handle, cross contamination of foods is also easily avoided. The grip-and-twist motion of the blade and handle is what makes this knife so ideal when you are serving oysters to patrons. One side of the blade is sharper than the other so you can cut the muscle that connects the oyster to the shell bottom using a twisting motion. In this manner, dining on oysters is convenient making patrons satisfied with the service you provide.

  • NSF Certified
  • high carbon stainless steel blade and sanitized antimicrobial protection
  • Handle was molded on for added durability
Length2 3/4 inches
TypeOyster knife
ColorSilver blade w/ white handle
Handle MaterialPolypropylene
Blade MaterialHigh carbon steel
Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.375   lb
Case Weight: 2.25   lb
Mundial W567323/4 Oyster Knife 2 3/4"

Product Id:   346955     Mfg #:   W5673-2-3/4
Case Pk:   6

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