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Martinis and cocktail are among the most widely ordered drinks in any setting which calls for glasses you can re use over and over without compromising. Libbey 8978 Domaine Martini Glass is dishwasher safe reducing re-use time while also guaranteeing that the clarity you see upon the first use will continue to reflect and advertise your drinks the right way. Consisting of an 8 ounce capacity there is ample space for the fluids to fizzle and roam creating a wonderful taste and aroma. Libbey designed the rim to be rolled creating an easier sipping experience while garnishes can be added easily. The foot and stem both are solid and even in their presentation so no matter what surface you choose to place the glass on, Libbey has you covered for a free spill experience.

  • Made in the USA
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Solid Sham for Stability
  • Clear Clarity
  • Rounded Bowl and Rim
  • Eye-Catching bowl design
Height7 inches
TypeMartini Glass
Capacity8 ounces
Top Diameter4 1/2 inches
Bottom Diameter3 inches
Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.575   lb
Case Weight: 6.9   lb
Libbey 8978 Domaine Martini Glass 8 Oz 12/case

Product Id:   309936     Mfg #:   8978
Case Pk:   12

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