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For the most elegant dining experience, we at Standard recommend Libbey's 8427 Magna Grande Glasses to create a fancy drinking atmosphere when holding this fine piece of glass. They make a perfect addition to any bar or table enhancing the way beverages look in service improves the perceived value. After 184 years of producing quality, durable and affordable glassware, Libbey has achieved the distinguished position of America's Glassmaker. So imagine what you can save in with elegant and affordable glassware for your next get together!<br>

Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.85   lb
Case Weight: 120   lb
Height:7.75   in
Diameter:5   in
Libbey Glass 8427 Glass 27-1/4oz, Safedge Rim, Magna Grande

Product Id:   309894     Mfg #:   8427
Case Pk:   12

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