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The Libbey 1722471 is a sleek design meant to go with any occasion. The glass blends right in with a simple and clear outlook on any beer, ale, pilsner or lager making a 21 ounce statement. Made with a thick glass and rounded points inside and out of the glass it's an easy shape to clean and store. The taste is made better with a wide top allowing for carbonation to richen your beverage. An easy to hold design allows for you to cup the drink naturally by the top of the stem making this an all around winner when it comes to glass quality.

  • Made in America
  • Transparen Clarity
  • Balanced Sham
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Excellent for any beverage
Height7 1/4 inches
Diameter4.75 inches
TypeSchooner Glass
Capacity21 ounces / 621 ml
Top Diameter4 1/2 inches
Bottom Diameter4 1/4 inches
Overall Specifications
Weight: 2.25   lb
Case Weight: 27   lb
Height:7.25   in
Diameter:4.75   in
Libbey 1722471 Schooner Glass 21 Oz 12/case

Product Id:   309735     Mfg #:   1722471
Case Pk:   12

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