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Featuring a very durable design with a side paneled look for added heftiness is the ultimate beer drinkers dream of a beverage holder. The bottom of the glass adds extra stability and shine to the glass up to the rim which is rounded for an easy drinking experience. The handle adds extra grip with its clear and simple design making it the best 16 ounces of beer you've had. Libbey's 5020 Glass Mug is taller than most others allowing for your foam to enrich the drink creating a better taste all around. Not to mention, the inside of the glass is rounded making it easier to wash.

  • Made in America
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Clear Clarity
  • Handle for Easy Holding
  • Stable Bottom
  • Rounded for Easy Washing
Height6 1/8 inches
TypeBeer Mug
Capacity16 ounces/ 473 ml
Top Diameter3 1/2 inches
Bottom Diameter3 1/2 inches
Overall Specifications
Weight: 1.9   lb
Case Weight: 22.8   lb
Height:6   in
Diameter:5   in