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Libbey Glass 3825 Dessert Glass, 10 Oz., Safedge® Rim And Foot Guarantee, Catalina®, (h 3-7/8"; T 4-1/4"; B 3"; D 4-1/4")

Your guests love dessert! Treat them with Libbey's 3825 Dessert Glasses after their meals, and feel proud to do so. These beautifully crafted peice of glass is sure to keep your guests or kitchen happy! You will never need to buy another Servingware glass again! And with it's long lasting design you get exactly what you pay for in this set-quality & perfection. With Libbey's innovation as it's cornerstone imagine what you can save in the long run with everlasting fountainware. Libby glass * libbyglass * glassware * libbeyglassware* 3825 libbeyglass

Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.69   lb
Case Weight: 24.84   lb
Glass Dessert 10oz Safedge Rim & Foot Catalina

Product Id:   309431     Mfg #:   3825
Case Pk:   36

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