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G.e.t. Enterprises BW-1025-PC-CL Wine/juice Decanter, 8.4 Oz. (1/4 Liter Rim Full), 3" Dia. X 6" Tall, With Lid, Polycarbonate, Clear

The GETBW-1025-PC-CL wine decanters are perfect for any serving setting! The container jars are a simple yet sophisticated way to serve any cold beverage, as well as hot. GET enterprises jar bottles are among the best decanters, being very durable and break-resistant. This particular type of decanter features a pour spout and snug fitting lid, allowing an easy flow for your waiters and patrons. These bottles & jars are a convenient piece to add to your dinnerware collection. Also, the GETBW-1025-PC-CL plastic bottles are dishwasher safe, for quick and easy cleaning!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.33   lb
Case Weight: 3.96   lb
G.e.t. Enterprises Bw-1025-pc-cl Wine/juice Decanter W/lid, 1/4

Product Id:   233301     Mfg #:   BW-1025-PC-CL