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G.e.t. Enterprises CR-0150-T Salad Crock, 1.5 Qt., 6-1/2", 4" Deep, With Lid, San, Tan

The GETCR-0150-T salad crock is perfect for any salad bar! The crock is a simple yet sophisticated way to serve the greens from your crisp, cold salad bar. GET enterprises food crocks are made of SAN plastic, designed to be extra heavy duty. This particular type of salad bar equipment features a simple snap on lid to prevent spills during transportation. These crocks with lids are a convenient piece to add to your dinnerware collection. Also, the GETCR-0150-T salad bar crocks are dishwasher safe, for quick and easy cleaning!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 10   lb
Case Weight: 120   lb
Crock W/lid, 1.5 Qt, San Plastic, T

Product Id:   232620     Mfg #:   CR-0150-T