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Edgecraft 4800400A M480kc Chef's Choice® Compact Diamond Hone™ Knife Sharpener, Manual, 2-stage, For Straight Blades, 100% Diamond Abrasives, Foolproof Guides, Pocket / Knife Roll Size, Made In Usa

Get ultra sharp blades on your kitchen chef knives and cutlery using The Chefs Choice 480KE Pocket Diamond Hone Knife sharpener! Chefs Choice kitchen knife sharpeners are fast, safe, and easy to use! It has a 2-stage blade sharpening process using 100% diamond abrasives for the sharpest, double beveled edges on your quality kitchen knives. Precision guides and angle control on this blade sharpener ensure perfect results every time. Its not just for cutlery knives either. This sharpener can sharpen a variety of knives, tools, and sports accessories including fishhooks, arrowheads, and axes. The Chefs Choice 480KE Pocket Diamond Hone Sharpener is very compact, measuring only 5 1/4 L x 2W x 1 3/8H inches. The Chefs Choice brand is manufactured by EdgeCraft Corporation. They offer the worlds largest selection of electric and manual blade sharpeners along with many other kitchen restaurant and foodservice products. They continue to inspire home chefs, professional cooks, and food service experts around the world with their reliable and high quality products.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 1.5   lb
Case Weight: 18   lb
Height:1.3   in
Width:5   in
Depth:8.8   in
Edgecraft Corporation 4800400a Sharpener, Compact Diamond Hone

Product Id:   187204     Mfg #:   4800400A
Case Pk:   12