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Cambro 96SKRD135 Camwear® Shaker/dredge, With Salt & Pepper Lid, 10 Oz., Polycarbonate, Clear, Dishwasher Safe

Salt and pepper shakers are a necessity in every kitchen. Most shakers hold one or two onces, which means you have to refill your shaker five to ten times more than the Cambro 96SKRD-135 salt and pepper shaker dredge which has a ten once capacity. The clear plastic shaker is extremely durable and dishwasher safe. Standard Restaurant Supply also has interchangeable color coded lids with different size holes, for other spices and ingredients.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.25   lb
Case Weight: 3   lb
Cambro Manufacturing 96skrd135 Shaker/dredge, 10 Oz. Plastic, Cl

Product Id:   149212     Mfg #:   96SKRD135

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