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Carlisle 4007300 Hand Held Window Squeegee, 10" Double-blade, Red Rubber, Screw-in Metal Frame, Zinc Plated Steel Handle, Standard Color

Keep your windows transparently clean with Carlisle's 4007300 window squeegee. This squeegee is ideal for manual cleaning; it has a stainless steel handle that increases efficiency without creating fatigue. A double red rubber double headed blade gives you better fluid control. With a pinch from your fingers the rubber squeegee slides off and on with interchangeable heads. Carlisle's 4007300 window squeegee is built to give you longer life and cleaner windows. Check out the best janitorial supplies, food service equipment, and restaurant supplies online at Standard Restaurant Supply and buy Carlisle's 4007300 window squeegee available today!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 5.6   lb
Case Weight: 78   lb
Height:4.8   in
Width:19.1   in
Depth:25.1   in
Carlisle Food Service Products 4007300 Window Squeegee 10" Double-blade Rubber Squeegee

Product Id:   126114     Mfg #:   4007300

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